"Krista Hartman's voice unique and I quite enjoy her lyrics." Ron Sexsmith

Happy 2018!

Times have been busy over this way. I’ve been playing lots of live shows, appearing on radio and television, songwriting and collaborating with various musicians lately. 2017 was a steep musical learning curve for sure. I am working on putting together an authentic collection of songs for my 4th record as we speak and working with a notable shawoman who has inspired me tremendously.

If you’re interested in original music, I would love to connect- please scroll down to hear some of my songs…

Best Wishes,

Krista Hartman


Upcoming Shows:

Septmeber 15th- Marvest Festival in Ottawa

4:30pm- The Papery

9:30pm- 107 Fourth Ave Wine Bar and Cafe

October 6th- The Barfly in Montreal with Les Petits Fours at 8pm.

October 20th- Quinn’s in Ottawa- appearing live as John Allaire’s guest at 2pm.

Past 2018 SHOWS:

March 1st, The Black Irish, Ottawa, 7pm- Christophe Eillie and I are Howie Hooper’s featured artists in the songwriter’s in the round evening…

March 16th- South Branch Bistro, Ottawa: 9pm- solo original songs with Christophe Elie

March 29th- The Backdrop, Ottawa: 9pm- solo original songs, Karen Harrison will be playing too.

April 14th- Kafe 1870, Wakefield, I will be performing in Les Petits Fours a vintage pop French band.

May 12th- The Studio in the Great Canadian Theatre Company as part of The Dollhouse Showcase, Ottawa: 8pm with I will be performing a set as will Laura Gagnon and Kimberly Sunstrum.

May 21st: Grumpy’s Pup, Montreal- Chick Pickin’ Mondays @9pm.

May 25th- She’s Listening, A Fundraiser for Cervical Cancer, Irene’s in Ottawa @ 9pm.

June 15th-  VIA RAIL: I am Artist on the Board with my duo partner, Davin Goudie- Montreal to Halifax

June 16th- The Anchor, Halifax with my duo partner, Davin Goudie!

June 17th- I will be performing on VIA Rail with Davin Goudie from Halifax to Montreal.

July 14th- Cafe Blackbird in Edmonton.

FEB 14th- Pressed, Ottawa (750 Gladstone Ave) @8pm- Valentine’s Show- I will be playing a set and a special duet with Kevin Schoefield! Karen Harrison is also playing that evening and we plan on singing a few luv songs together at the end of her set.

FEB 16th- Irene’s, Ottawa (885 Bank st) @ 9:30pm- I will be opening the show for Andrea Nixon, John Allaire will be playing as well.

JAN 14th- The Blacksheep, Wakefield @4pm I will be playing a solo set and so will Brooklyn Doran and Leila Bird.

Nov 25th- The Barfly, Montreal avec Les Petits Fours (a collection of 60’s French Pop Songs).

Dec 2nd- Kafe 1870- Wakefeild avec Les Petits Fours (a collection of 60’s French Pop Songs).

Dec 18th- Irene’s, Ottawa- solo original songs with Girls to the Front Songwriter Series- Julie Corrigan and Sarah Howard will performing live that evening as well.

Dec 31st-The Riviera, Ottawa- avec Les Petits Fours (a collection of vintage French Pop Songs).

It would be lovely to see you out!

Best Wishes,

Krista Hartman

PS- Please drop me a line to say hi or if you would like to book me for a show: kristahartman54321@gmail.com

Who is Krista Hartman?

Krista Hartman is an adult alternative singer-songwriter. She has released three organic and heartfelt records: Constellations (2015), Nostalgia (2010), and Passport (2005).  Hartman is a world traveller/guitar strummer and has experienced a whirlwind of musical adventures—from busking on the streets of Australia, South East Asia and Canada, to performing live shows across North America, Australia, and St.Lucia—live, on television and radio.

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Canadian songwriter, singer, and guitarist Krista Hartman emerged from the prairies on April 18, 1979 in Peace River, Alberta. An inquisitive world traveller with an alternative vibe, her songs and distinct voice are earthy ecclectic gems. Krista was raised in a musical family: Her mother was a pianist in a family of rustic fiddle players while her father, was a lead guitarist that toured the prairies with a vintage Gibson Les Paul in Rock’n Rock bands in the early sixties.

Krista began performing original music in taverns around The North Country before she was of age to legally drink alcohol. By 18, she was determined quit music and fled to Australia without her guitar, but soon realized her only guaranteed way to make money to travel was through busking. Hartman borrowed a beat up acoustic from a fellow traveller and entertained her way across Australia for a year. When she returned to Canada, she had written the bulk of her first album Passport and released it on her own label, Hartman Incorporated in 2005. In 2008, she recorded her second record Nostalgia with Don Kerr in Toronto and her first single, “Broken in Two” a duet, featured Ron Sexsmith. This led to her being featured in the studio on CBC Newsworld as well as Rich Terfry’s, Radio 2 Drive. By 2009, Hartman had appeared in the entertainment section of Toronto’s Globe and Mail after performing a melancholic bilingual roots version of the Canadian National Anthem in front of Canada’s Prime Minister in Toronto.

Hartman toured Nostalgia solo across Canada and opened for well-known acts, she received radio play and was highlighted on television shows receiving positive reviews from music critics. In 2015, Hartman’s follow-up album Constellations was written in St.Lucia and produced in Toronto by Dean Drouillard. The record caught the attention of Michael Teach in Chicago and Hartman was interviewed and performed on The Chicago Acoustic Music Network’s Podcast. Her first music video for her single “Sunny Days” was filmed in New York City and released in Canada on the day Trudeau won the election. 

Krista Hartman receives favourable airplay on College and University Radio Stations across Canada and on satellite radio internationally. A mother of two children, Krista performs out live solo and as a member of Ottawa’s favourite vintage French 60’s pop band, Les Petits Fours. Krista Hartman’s music continues to be discovered across the globe and she pursues songwriting and recording, blissfully.

Past News and Shows...


I hope all’s well! I have been busy recording, playing live here and there in a French band called, LES PETITS FOURS, songwriting and recently appeared on a podcast based out of NYC called NEW YORK FACTORY FAST…

I’ve also been lining up some shows:

July 16th: Kafe 1870, WAKEFIELD, QUEBEC avec Les Petits Fours

August 17th: CKCU OTTAWA

Interview with Dave Yazebeck- have a listen here: http://cod.ckcufm.com/programs/100/33707.html

August 17th: Starbucks, OTTAWA (Carling an Woodroof) @7pm

August 18th: Avant Garde, OTTAWA @9pm

August 27th: C’est What, TORONTO @6:30pm

August 28th: Grumpy in MONTREAL @ 2pm

September 19th: Pressed, OTTAWA @9pm

Would love to see you in the near future…

Best Wishes,

Krista Hartman


HAPPY 2017!

How’s it going? Thanks a million for checking out my page. I genuinely appreciate your time!

This year has been a busy one. I recently moved to Ottawa and continue to work on my music… Lately, I’ve been writing songs and testing them out in with various producers in Canada. I am hoping to have a fourth record ready by 2018! As we speak, I’m hanging out in NYC enjoying the scene.

I hope all is well in your world!